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Yacht Charter Turkey

Luxury yacht charter in Turkey. Turkey Yacht Charters is about privacy, personalized service, fine dining, and relaxation. Yacht Rental is one of the most suitable options in Turkey

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Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey

What is the magic of a private yacht charter in Turkey? It's all about total privacy, personalized service, fine dining, relaxation and solitude, water sports if you want, and without a fixed route.


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Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey

What is the magic of a private yacht charter in Turkey? It's all about total privacy, personalized service, fine dining, relaxation and solitude, water sports if you want, and without a fixed route.

Chartering a yacht is one of the most suitable options if you want to take your holiday out of specific patterns and spend it in complete peace and comfort. A vacation that isn't pre-planned without being bound by any rules becomes possible by chartering a yacht. You can get all of these privileges with a responsible yacht charter Turkey. If you are looking for a private yacht charter Turkey, here you find the best luxury yacht charter which will support your dream vacation plan!

Turkish Maritime Culture - Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey

In the country surrounded by seas on three sides, maritime culture and history have a long timeline. For Turkish people, maritime is continued as a tradition by teaching all their knowledge generation by generation. Since maritime education has existed in these lands for many years, Turkey ranks quite high in terms of quantity and quality in raising seafarers. Maritime activities are also highly preferred even as a profession and occupy a large place in Turkey's foreign trade volume. Furthermore, fishing activities are quite common among the natives of the coastlines as a source of livelihood.

Yacht Charter Turkey

Those who take trips with their small boats and those who are engaged in fishing… All these people have a developed commitment to the sea. As a nation that has always been interested in maritime activities since the first time they set foot in Anatolia, many Turkish people want to live in contact with the sea. The bond of interest and love Turks have established with the sea has been increasing for more than a thousand years. We can easily say this contact with the sea as a country and the intensification of tourism activities over time makes it one of the most developing sectors in Turkey.

Luxury yacht charter Turkey provides you the best holiday plan you would want to do as a tourist in Turkey. No matter what year it is, their coasts continue to attract domestic and foreign tourists with all their beauty. Turkish maritime culture continues to develop with the support of sportive activities in the field of maritime and maritime education. Thus, Yacht charter Turkey is a very popular service.

Private Yacht Charter Routes of Turkey

After renting from our Luxury yacht charter Turkey, our experts help you in the process. We recommend to you the best and most popular yacht routes in Turkey. Also, a little secret: Of course, we have some routes which include hidden beauties of Turkey! Plus, on your yacht holiday, you can take various routes. With its beautiful bays and unique natural beauties at every point, "exciting" would be the only word to describe these routes. As a matter of fact, yacht routes in Turkey can be hard to choose for those who will experience them for the first time. That can be why the question of possible yacht routes in Turkey is searched by a lot of people.

We have created several yacht routes in Turkey for you to visit. You can start your journey from Göcek on your first route and continue your journey to Atbükü, Killebükü, Hamam Bay, Sarsala Bay. Also, Marmaris offers a great route for yachts. Korean and Gebekçe Bays in Bozburun, Selimiye and Söğüt Village are some places to visit there. It is also possible to combine Fethiye and Marmaris with the places mentioned! In addition, some popular yachting areas are in the paradise region of Antalya! In Antalya, Adrasan Bay is a natural harbor. If you want to go diving, here is where to do so. From there, you could prefer to continue with Porto Ceneviz Bay to see a completely admirable view.

Another route goes from Marmaris to Datça. On this route, there are unique places worth seeing such as Çiftlik Bay, Palamutbükü, Bozburun, and Cennet(Heaven) Island. You can also follow another route that starts from Bodrum and extends to the Gulf of Gökova. Enjoying this route, you can visit Çökertme Bay, Cleopatra Bay, and Pabuç Burnu.

Route Options in Turkey

Since we have the most experience in Turkey, there are several routes we have created over long years. We have another route option that will start from Bodrum and could include the 12 Islands. Starting with the island of Kos, it can be continued with the islands of Psemiros, Patmos, Lipsi, and Kalymnos. These experiences will leave a pleasant trace in your memories. Following these routes, you can enjoy the sea, sand, and sun, and take swimming breaks in each bay.

There are numerous advantages to sailing with a yacht. First of all, the route you create is entirely up to you. You don't have to stick to a program about where to go, where to stay, and how long. As each region you visit and how long you stay in each bay is up to you, you will feel completely in control. Yacht size, and how many people will be on this yacht are the preferences you will decide on. Therefore, your holiday will continue in complete freedom, without having to attach to a pre-made plan. As Breeze Yachts, we will be the luxury yacht charter in Turkey, making all of these possible.

Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey

In Addition…

In addition to all these advantages, you can continue your yacht holiday in a crowded or calm area. Since socializing is a human need, sometimes all you need is to see different cultures. With a yacht holiday, you can go to places where the human population is dense, and you can socialize. On the other hand, you can also enjoy swimming in the calm coves where the number of people is low, and you can have peace of mind. Our private yacht charter Turkey will have the perfect option for you.

It will be beautiful to start the day on a yacht every morning, watch the deep blue waters, and have breakfast in such an environment. We can say that while you are away from your daily routine in these stress-free natural environments, you will start to think about your next yacht charter holiday!

Turkey's Coastline Attractions

Of course, you can see many natural beauties, historical artefacts, and more places in this region. But to specify, if you decide to visit Marmaris as the most preferred maritime and tourism area, Marmaris Castle and museum, Marmaris National Park, Turgut Waterfall, and Hydras Ancient City in Selimiye will be waiting to be seen and enjoyed. By chartering a yacht from Breeze Yachts private yacht charter Turkey, you can visit them all…

If Antalya is on your route, Hadrian's Gate, Old Port, Alara Han Castle, Aya Yorgi Church, Olympos Ancient City, Side, and Patara Ancient Cities are among the places to see. On the route, you can start your journey from Bodrum, and you will be able to discover so many places to visit, such as Bodrum Castle, Underwater Archeology Museum, Halikarnas Mausoleum, Zeki Müren House, Pedesa, Iasos Ancient Cities.

You can visit all these places and many more countless places during your yacht tour. You can see these places or thoroughly enjoy the sea without spending time on them. The choice is yours to make with our private yacht charter Turkey service!

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You should contact us if you want a memorable holiday on luxury yachts. Luxury yacht charter Turkey is a service we are proud to provide! Following all these routes, spending days and weeks away from society on your yacht will be a unique experience. Our Yachts have been thought out to even the most minor details and have been designed following all your needs. Our private yacht charter Turkey services are available. Contact us to get more information now!

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