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Breeze Yachts’ crew relocate sailing and power vessels on short coastal passages and across the world's oceans. Our reputation for service, safety and care is recognised internationally and our long standing client base includes private clients and yacht builders worldwide.

At Breeze Yachts we take time to figure with our purchasers to create positive we tend to perceive their expectations and needs.
Our aim is to form each contract easy with clear rating info and to confirm that each delivery is administrated professionally.

Breeze Yachts skippers have sailing experience ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 nautical miles. They are carefully selected based on experience, qualifications and sea trials to become part of the Breeze Yachts team. They are then allocated delivery passages and vessels to match their experience and qualifications.

Breeze Yachts skippers are oftentimes Yachtmaster instructors, Cruising instructors, Clipper skippers or have worked as super-yacht Captains. we've got skippers who specialize in delivering classic yachts, aerorigs, cruising yachts, superyachts and huge motor vessels. we have a tendency to conjointly make sure that once delivering new vessels from boatyards that our skippers have the required expertise.


On joining a vessel our crew spend at least 24 hours for checking all the boat’s systems and preparing the boat for passage, even for short deliveries. This includes an in depth list covering the operate of over 100 things of kit and fittings from pushpit to dais, bilge to masthead. something that's not serviceable and may need an impression on the delivery passage are rumored on, and corrected if sensible, before starting off. All vulnerable square measureas of woodwork and fabric below decks are sheathed in protecting facing to avoid any unintended injury whereas embarrassed in rough conditions. It’s a protracted and time intense method however terribly worthy to make sure that the joinery stays protected. Similarly, mast spreaders square measure ordinarily wrapped and taped to avoid alloy rub marks on the most sail that may occur once sailing downwind for extended periods.


Breeze Yachts is the recommended yacht delivery company for many major boat builders. We also have an extensive experience of gathering new yachts for clients from many boat yards around the world.

Our depth of expertise implies that we will organise and supply necessary safety things further as advocate and install specific instrumentation. we will undertake relinquishing with, or on behalf of the owner, checking condition and inventory at a time once the boat could also be new and unfamiliar with.