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Blue Cruise in Turkey With Charter a Gulet

One of the most enjoyable ways to do a blue cruise in Turkey is to charter a gulet. It is an exciting experience to explore the Aegean and the Mediterranean on Turkey and other holiday routes with a gulet charter. As it is known, a gulet is one of the yacht types with traditional architecture, wooden hull, motor, and sail options. It is possible to sail at sea and make long sea voyages with a gulet. Gulet is generally preferred in blue cruise programs. Cruise, anchor, and travel with a gulet are always luxurious and comfortable. Thanks to our economic gulet charter opportunities, vacationers from all budgets can charter a gulet and make blue cruises and enjoy swimming on any route.

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Yacht Charter Prices and Advantages of Motor Yacht Charter

In the summer months, the number of people using sea transportation is increasing. Both those who want to get sea air and spend most of their vacation time on the sea are looking at the options of charter yachts to realize their planned holiday. When the yacht is mentioned, many different options emerge, and it is complicated for people to choose. There are many essential points when renting a yacht. To find the most suitable yacht for use, first of all, a yacht should be decided. As there are yacht options of different sizes according to the number of people to use, renting a large or small yacht will create various disadvantages.

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