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Yacht Charter Paros

If you want a unique yacht charter vacation, visit the Island of Paros. Luxury motor yacht charter and gulet rental in Paros and all info about the best places to visit

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Paros Yacht Charter Guide

Paros, one of the Cyclades Islands, is often neglected by yacht charters seeking the glitz and glamour of Mykonos or Santorini. Although Paros has fewer yachts and superyachts visiting these Mediterranean waters, this can be a positive thing. It may be popular with Greece yacht charter enthusiasts seeking high quality and unique preferences.

There are still many things to discover and experience in Greece if you go off the beaten path and explore the allure and beauty of other holiday destinations, such as Paros. Greek waterways have a wonderfully serene feel, and Paros is no different. You need to include Paros, the heart of the Cyclades, in your itinerary.

When you rent a luxury yacht in Paros, you will learn more about Greece's history and find the best beaches ever seen. Parikía, its capital, is home to idyllic white cubed houses, neoclassical mansions, Byzantine churches, and important museums, all of which are overlooked by a 13th-century Venetian castle. The architectural beauty is complemented by a vibrant Mediterranean ambience and various chic bars and restaurants spilling onto the gold-sand beaches. It is better to visit Paros in late spring and early autumn, when you may enjoy its amenities in peace, as it can become bustling during the high summer season.

Yacht Charter Paros

There Are Several Ways To Charter a Yacht in Paros

Paros is the second largest of the Cyclades islands, with a land area of about 186 square kilometres. It also has a stunning 120-kilometre stretch of coastline. When you sail to the Cyclades, exploring Paros is an attractive option because it lies in the Cyclades' central region, making it an excellent starting point for exploring other island destinations like Syros, Sifnos, Ios, and Naxos.

Tourists can access the island via the ferry line that runs there daily if they are regular tourists. After visiting Heraklion and Piraeus, luxury charter yachts usually come here.

There are many popular attractions and important places.

On the Island of Paros, Marpissa, Lefkes, and Naoussa are the most famous cities. Historical structures and architectural marvels with historical significance can be found in various places. The Church of 100 Doors, created by Emperor Constantine and dedicated to St. Helen, the mother of St. Constantine, is one of Paros' most popular attractions. Its designs and architectural orientations are predominantly ancient, giving the impression of the Greek poster. The white-washed walls and flat roofs of its rustic villages are all too familiar.

In addition to yacht charters, Paros visitors must seek out the famous Parian marble relics scattered throughout the island. This is a strong indication of the ancient Greek preference for Parian marble.

Paros' windmill bar at the Pandrossos Hotel is a popular hangout for sailors on superyachts. It's the sailors' favourite watering hole, and you should visit it as soon as you arrive on the island.

Luxury yacht charter PAros

Experience the Real Greek Taste

It's critical to note that enjoying the wonderful and delicious local dishes is an essential aspect of your Greece yacht vacation around Paros Island. There are many excellent restaurants and bars in various locations across the island. However, the best ones are typically found near the shoreline.

If you want to have a unique yacht charter vacation and learn about the other wonders of this renowned Mediterranean vacation spot, visit the Island of Paros.

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