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Yacht Charter Santorini

Santorini is the most popular destination for superyacht charters and luxury gulet charters. motor yacht, superyacht and gulet for rent in Santorini for a blue cruise

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Santorini Yacht Charter Guide

Santorini is One of The Most Stunning Locations For Yacht Charter

The Cycladic islands are unspoiled and picturesque, and Santorini is their main island. The spectacular and picturesque Greek island picture is epitomized by Santorini, which is steeped in history as well as scenery. The island was formed around 1500 BC when a volcanic eruption submerged its central point, leaving a crescent-shaped rim of cliffs.

The black pebbled beach at Kamari and the idyllic black-sand cove at Perissa, which appear 300 metres above the cobalt Aegean Sea, are among the Caldera's lava cliffs that make Santorini a world-renowned tourist destination. Legends abound about the island's volcanic nature, which has created naturally multi-coloured beaches in addition to Perissa's black-sand beach. You can have fun with water toys on your luxury charter yacht while staying in the southeastern corner of the island, which also offers a great selection of chic bars and restaurants for a lively evening scene.

Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni are small volcanic islets in the centre of Santorini's caldera and are thought to be among Greece's newest volcanoes. The entirety of both islands is made up of volcanic rock. To get to Nea Kamani, which has a crater, walk for 20 minutes from the harbour. You can swim in the hot springs at Palea Kameni, which are around 33 degrees Celsius and contain sulfur, which is known for its skin benefits.
The volcanic island of Santorini is renowned for its beautiful beaches and picturesque villages.

Yacht Charter Santorini

The white, cliff-side Santorini buildings provide some of the world's most picturesque backdrops, and they can be seen from the decks of a superyacht as it approaches the island from the sea. An eclectic mix of traditional Greek gyros, bars, and clubs are on offer in the lively Fira village, as well as an atmospheric piazza and a captivating vista over the Caldera.

Despite its continued popularity, the northern village of Oia has successfully preserved its natural, dramatic beauty. It is most enjoyable in late spring—when the landscape is still green, the sea has warmed up to swimming temperatures, and the crowds have not yet arrived—and early autumn, when the hordes have departed, and the water is at its hottest.

Viewing the entire fleet of superyachts, gulets and sailing yachts for Greece Yacht charters will help you experience the wonder of Santorini for yourself if you want to.

Santorini is a Beautiful Greek Island

Take in the magnificent view at Franco's bar in the town of Fira while listening to classical music and venture to the renowned bistro Metaxi mas in one of the island's most picturesque villages, Exo Gonia; for many, it is the best dining establishment on the island. Those who want to party 'til the early morning hours will appreciate Enigma nightclub, one of the most popular nightclubs on the island, which boasts an incredible view. Nothing beats witnessing the sunrise while having a drink.

Thirasia & Aspronisi

About five miles away, you can find Thirasia and Aspronisi, two small islands in a volcanic crater in the sea. The island's streets are colourful, the houses are blue, green, and yellow, and the flowers are everywhere. Santorini is opposite Manolas, and visitors may enjoy a wonderful view from the Koimiseos monastery. It's a beautiful monastery that overlooks Santorini. The capital of Apsronisi, also known as 'white island,' is a tiny uninhabited island with two pebbly beaches and a small harbour. Apsronisi, which is not visited by tourist boats, can make for a beautiful secluded anchorage as it is untouched by tourists.

Two active volcanoes are located on the island of Santorini in Greece—one on the island's northern side and the other on the southern side. Santorini's caldera is home to two small volcanic islands named Nea Kameni ("new" and Palea Kameni ("old") which are thought to be the country's newest volcanoes. The islands are made of volcanic rock throughout. To see the volcano's crater, which is a 20-minute walk from the pier, visit Nea Kameni. At Palea Kameni, you may swim in hot springs that contain sulfur, which has skin benefits. The water temperature is around 33 degrees Celsius and contains sulfur, which is known for its skin benefits.

Santorini is the pearl of the Cyclades and one of the most popular destinations for superyacht charters and luxury gulet charters. If you are looking for a yacht for rent in Santorini for a blue cruise around the Cyclades, you are in the right place.

For more information about yacht charter in Santorini and luxury gulet rental in the Cyclades, get in touch with one of our yacht charter experts. We will be happy to inform you about chartering a yacht in Santorini and offer the best super yachts with the best price guarantee.

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