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Motor Yacht Charter

Motor yacht charter, What is a motor yacht rental? what are its features? What can be done with a Rental Motor Yacht and Rental Yacht Prices?

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Motor Yacht Charter
Motor Yacht Charter

Motor Yacht Charter

Motor Yacht charter, known for offering the comfort of a suite hotel, is a touristic sea vehithat adorns the seas in the summer season. Going on a blue cruise with a rental motor yacht in places such as Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Bodrum, Fethiye, Göcek and Marmaris as is a popular holiday concept. The most distinctive feature of motor yachts is their speed.

Motoryacht shows up among luxury marine vehicles that play a leading role in the yacht charter preferences of domestic and foreign tourists in our country. Those who want to rent a motor yacht for a day can have a yacht holiday on the route they want throughout the day at affordable prices.

For many, a Motoryacht means an opportunity to sunbathe and seclude. The option of motor yachts for rent without a captain gives you one hundred percent privacy.

What is a Motor Yacht Charter? What are its features?

Motor yachts are comfortable yachts that offer speed and luxury together. Motor yacht models are generally preferred on blue cruises. Motor yachts used on holiday routes such as Göcek, Fethiye, and Bodrum make summer holidays more efficient with their advanced features. The features of motor yachts are as follows;

. Motoryacht is very fast. The feature of this yacht type is that it can speed. It is possible to overcome long distances in a short time with a motor yacht.

. The motor yacht has a hundred percent ergonomic design. The yacht's interior and exterior, cabin, and platform are suitable for sunbathing and various activities.

. There are wooden motor yacht models. In these yachts, the outer hull of which is designed from wooden material, only the appearance is different, the speed and comfort are at high capacity.

. It is extremely suitable for blue cruises in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Montenegro, Göcek, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris regions. It has an ideal passenger capacity for single, double, or crowded group use.

. You can easily go to the desired route in the Aegean and Mediterranean waters by motor yacht. The yacht is enriched with a luxurious interior design. Motoryacht models, which are designed with all kinds of needs in mind, undergo the necessary cleaning and maintenance processes before and after the rental process.

. The motor yacht has an excellent sun terrace. It provides the perfect sunbathing service for holidaymakers.

Motor Yacht Charter
Motor Yacht Charter


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Motor Yacht Charter
Motor Yacht Charter

What can be done with a Rental Motor Yacht?

In our motor yacht charter services, our holidaymakers make long trips on the yachts they rent, organize pleasant parties, and go to alternative bays for swimming. Well, what else can be done with a motor yacht for rent by the owner?

. By renting a motor yacht, you can explore places of your current route; You can take a cruise in the Aegean and Mediterranean waters as you wish and create new routes.

. Our motor yacht charter services can be rented hourly, daily, weekly, seasonally. Sometimes you can rent a motor yacht for a job interview, sometimes for a birthday and sometimes for a few days' sea vacations.

. Motoryachts have sun terraces and sitting areas on both sides that provide great comfort. You can achieve the tan you want by sunbathing on your own private yacht with a motor yacht.

. You can take short breaks in your blue cruise plans and explore the surrounding historical and cultural places with your yacht. Coves, civilizations, and islands in the Aegean and Mediterranean await you.

. You can try many water sports with the Motoryacht: Jetski, diving, water skiing, surfing, canoeing, parasailing, banana, and innovative water sports are the activities that Motoryacht visitors enjoy the most.

Routes to be Traveled by Rental Motor Yacht

Fethiye: Touring and exploring Fethiye, the beloved town of Muğla, with a motor yacht starts an unforgettable holiday adventure. You can dynamically open the summer season by renting the most suitable model for you from Fethiye Motoryacht rental models.

Göcek: Fethiye's holiday destination Göcek is just one of the favourite stops of motor yacht enthusiasts. Our company, which meets the demands of motor yachts for rent in Göcek in a short time, allows Göcek holidaymakers to experience the blue voyage they dream of.

Marmaris: Marmaris always have a special place among the holiday districts of Muğla. Touring Marmaris, considered a corner of paradise with its surrounding islands and coves, provides a practical experience. You can start rediscovering the deep blue waters by taking advantage of our Marmaris Motoryacht charter opportunities.

Bodrum: Bodrum is a star on the Turkish and international holiday map. Those who want to make a blue voyage first take their breath in Bodrum and start spending their holiday on the water with our Bodrum Motoryacht charter services. You can also rent a motor yacht from our company to experience this experience.

Motor Yacht Charter
Motor Yacht Charter
Motor Yacht Charter

Motor Yacht Charter Prices

Rental Motor Yacht prices are determined according to the model and rental period. You can find the price of the motor yacht you want to rent by examining our fleet on our website. If you plan to make your blue cruise with a Motoryacht, you can travel in the vast blues of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas with the difference of Blue Cruise Turkey.

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