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Gulet Charter

The best way to do a blue cruise in Turkey is to charter a gulet. Gulet Charter is an exciting experience to explore the Mediterranean.

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Gulet Charter

Gulet Charter

One of the most enjoyable ways to do a blue cruise in Turkey is to charter a gulet. It is an exciting experience to explore the Aegean and the Mediterranean on Turkey and other holiday routes with a gulet charter. As it is known, a gulet is one of the yacht types with traditional architecture, wooden hull, motor, and sail options. It is possible to sail at sea and make long sea voyages with a gulet. Gulet is generally preferred in blue cruise programs. Cruise, anchor, and travel with a gulet are always luxurious and comfortable. Thanks to our economic gulet charter opportunities, vacationers from all budgets can charter a gulet, make blue cruises, and enjoy swimming on any route.

What is a Gulet? What are the features?

Gulets are luxury yachts that are suitable for long, blue voyages. Turkish gulet is valuable because it is handmade. Gulets, built for the first time in Bodrum, are now produced at many different points and are offered to holidaymakers with charter gulet services in holiday regions. We provide gulet yacht charter services at affordable prices in the yacht charter sector in which our company operates. The features of the gulets we are used to seeing in the magnificent bays of the Aegean are as follows;

. Gulets are suitable for coastal and extended cruises. On routes such as Bodrum Marmaris Fethiye Göcek, the priority of holidaymakers is gulet yachts.

. Gulets show superior service in terms of comfort and luxury. While sunbathing or enjoying themselves on the deck of the gulet, the holidaymakers sail away with a magnificent cruising pleasure.

. Gulets are functional in design; While there is a large area to eat, sit, and enjoy at the back, there are seating areas supported by cushions large enough to allow sunbathing in the front.

. Gulet boat has attractive details with their interior design; Most have a closed dining room and sleeping areas. In this way, comfort is not compromised in accommodation.

. Gulets are enriched with necessities such as a jacuzzi, desk, shower, toilet, furniture, sofa set, and luxury details. While chartering a gulet, you can learn the interior design and features of the gulet and choose comfortable and luxurious gulets where you will spend the most productive time.

Gulet Charter
Gulet Charter


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Gulet Charter
Gulet Charter

What can be done with a Gulet?

Many things can be done during the holiday with a gulet charter. You can take a trip to the Greek islands, wander around the Aegean bays, anchor in the Mediterranean waters, and sunbathe. You can increase the energy of your holiday with water sports and boat entertainment. Holiday activities you can do with a gulet are as follows;

. Gulet Cruise Holidays 2021 keeps the season active. You can set a route with your gulet boat and take a tour of the bay and island within the scope of this route. The Aegean and Mediterranean Regions have magnificent wealth in this sense. Within the scope of the tour, cove trips are carried out for a short time, but with a gulet charter, you can spend as much time as you want on each island and in the bay.

. Charter gulet also means water sports. Gulet charterers can perform fun water sports such as diving, surfing, jet-skiing banana, canoeing, and parasailing, with the equipment onboard or in person.

. The most significant advantage of gulet charters is creating an environment of one hundred percent privacy. When you charter a gulet, regardless of your route, your private life will never be disclosed, you can sunbathe and vacation as you wish.

. You can take a cruise in the blue with your gulet and cruise around the bay and the island. Thanks to the gulet, you do not have to stay stationary at any stop, you can visit many places during a holiday and get the chance to see different places.

Routes to Go by Charter Gulet

Where can you travel with a gulet? Where are the places where you can explore with a gulet? Here are the routes where you can rent a gulet;

Croatia: Croatia is one of the most popular gulet charter places. Croatia is an extraordinary country with its crystal clear waters and nature. For all budgets, you can find many different types and sizes of gulet in Croatia.

Marmaris: Muğla's favourite holiday destination Marmaris, together with Bodrum, is one of the popular routes for blue cruises. Although Marmaris is a charming district with its beaches, centre, local people, and natural texture, organizing daily blue cruises in the waters of Marmaris by gulet increases the energy of the holiday. Gulet charter has become one of the indispensable holiday habits for Marmaris holidaymakers.

Bodrum: Although Bodrum is one of the attraction centres of our country, it is the birthplace of gulet yachts. The acceleration of gulet production marked the beginning of gulet charter Bodrum activities. Conquering Bodrum with a Gulet increases the pleasure of your holiday.

Fethiye: Those who want to increase the dose of entertainment and relaxation while enjoying Fethiye benefit from gulet charter Fethiye activities. Navigating the blue waters of Fethiye, swimming, exploring the coves, and visiting the 12 Islands with a Gulet help the summer holiday be productive.

Göcek: Göcek, which has Cittaslow features, is a frequent destination for those who love to take a boat holiday with its calm structure. Gulet charter is a habit that Göcek holidaymakers cannot give up. Vacationing on the shore with a gulet or navigating the sea with mini-tours manages to elevate the mood of the vacationers.

Gulet Charter
Gulet Charter
Gulet Charter

Charter Gulet Prices

Charter gulet prices open the season at affordable prices. Our company ensures that holidaymakers from every budget can make a yacht trip and makes people smile with gulet charter prices. Vacationers can pay according to different time periods, from a few hours of sightseeing to seasonal rentals. Rental fees of gulets may vary depending on the gulet model and features. Therefore, please contact us for detailed information or to charter a gulet.


Blue Cruise in Turkey With Charter a Gulet

One of the most enjoyable ways to do a blue cruise in Turkey is to charter a gulet. It is an exciting experience to explore the Aegean and the Mediterranean on Turkey and other holiday routes with a gulet charter.

Gulet Charter

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