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Boat Rental

If you’re on vacation, boat rental can open many different avenues. The Best Boat Rental Destinations and the best prices for rental boats.

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Boat Rental

Boat Rental & Boat Rental Prices

Are you planning a vacation and want to make it as perfect as possible without splashing out? Do you wish you could do something new and exciting with your family or friends within your budget? If yes, this article is the perfect thing to help guide you on how to have the time of your life on your holiday while ensuring it stays easy in your pocket.

If you’re on vacation, boat rental can open many different avenues. Many spots aren’t accessible by land but can be explored on a boat. Through boat rental, you can catch the summer rays on serene waters and have a quiet evening enjoying the tranquillity the ocean has to offer you. Boat rental entails renting a boat of your choice for at least a week, with or without a captain.

Boat Rental


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Boat Rental

Boat Rental Prices

You deserve a stress-free and luxurious vacation, so you must pick the right boat. There are various kinds of boats, ranging from basic to luxury. Of course, boat rental prices differ based on the amenities available and the duration for which you wish to rent the boat.

Breeze Yachts offers you a variety of boat rentals that give you options if you want to have an easy-going and relaxing vacation with your friends or if you want to celebrate and go all out. We have boat rental prices for as low as €‎10,000 a week. These luxury boats have everything you could ever need – from comfortable air-conditioned cabins to barbecue pits and all the fishing equipment and water toys one could need.

Advantages of Boat Rental

Boat rental gives you all the best parts about vacationing on the ocean while making sure you don’t have to deal with the arduous process of boat maintenance and travel routes. Boat rental opens up various options for you to choose from based on your needs. You never have to worry about whether the boat will be big enough for your party, neither will you have to be left with dealing with the waters, because a captain will be there to accompany you through it all.

Moreover, once your ocean journey is over, you don’t have to think about the boat again! You can continue with the rest of your vacation on the land and let us deal with the logistical end.

Boat Rental
Boat Rental
Boat Rental

Best boat rental destinations

Many destinations would be the perfect vacation spot for your boat rental. Mentioned below are a few of the best boat rental destinations:


Blue waters of Bodrum and Marmaris will melt all your worries while catering to all your party needs. Turkey during the summer is a dream waiting to happen!


The Greek Islands of Santorini and Mykonos are the perfect getaway for your daily routine. These places are loved by everyone who travels there. The calm and scenic views from your boat will steal your heart and give you a lifetime trip!


Šešula bay is every traveller’s dream come true. With its beautiful architecture crooning the deep blue seas, one can be guaranteed a great time sailing in Croatia, a country waiting for you with open arms.


Known for its extravagance, Monaco is the place to be with your rented boat on its clear blue seas. Lounge in your luxury yacht and wait for the magic to happen!


France has more than just the city of love. With its vibrant seas and a great ocean experience, you will be living the time of your life on your boat surrounded with fun for days!

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