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Welcome to the globe of Breeze, here we tend to all share one passion: the liberty that solely luxury yacht charters offer. And undoubtedly you share the same passion, whether you are looking for an unforgettable yacht holiday escape, considering making the step towards ownership or are an Owner wanting to manage and maximise your investment.

No matter your demand, you would like a partner to ascertain your distinctive vision consummated reliably and effortlessly. As a world-leader in yacht chartering, brokerage, yacht management and new builds, our expertise, record and portfolio are unquestioned. Within the world of yacht charter, you won't find any higher qualified or trustworthy partner than Breeze.

Private Yacht Charter in Turkey, Sailing Yacht Charter Greece and Turkey, Charter a Turkish Gulet


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Private Crewed Yacht Charter Turkey - Gulet and Motor Yacht For Sale


Private Yacht Charter in Turkey, Sailing Yacht Charter Greece and Turkey, Charter a Turkish Gulet


Private Yacht Charter & Blue Cruise

There are many options of private yacht charter, but they are usually older ships, which are full of rusty tourists. Not exactly the best way to enjoy a vacation in paradise.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. A number of luxury yacht charter (especially on the islands of Turkey and Greece ) that can take you to a private blue cruise away from the hordes sunburned. Once the preserve of the super rich luxury boats can now be rented.

There is a wide range available for private yacht charter ranging from luxury motor yacht charter, sailing yacht charter, gulet charter , mega yacht charter and classic yachts. A private yacht charter agent can help you find the perfect charter yacht to suit your needs, depending on the size of your group, your budget and what you like to do. Some yachts luxury book months in advance, so do not wait to book your letter or yacht alreaddy be reserved. Usually half of the total price of the card is required to reserve a private yacht charter.

To book a private yacht charter, you're the boss. The departure time and itinerary is completely up to you. Plan your own letters of Tourism, Turkey sunset cruise or luxury dinner cruises with a private chef.

If you are an experienced sailor or want to enjoy a more relaxed cruise, book your private yacht charter boat for a week. With a little imagination you can create an adventure that will be one of the most memorable moments of your vacation.