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Yacht Charter Guide to Symi.

Coastlines that have not been altered.

The charming island of Symi sits in the blue of the Aegean in the far south of the beautiful Greek Dodecanese island group, renowned for its enthusiasm for life and Mediterranean living.

Symi's port provides a picture-perfect setting, with its pastel neoclassical buildings rising from the sea like a colosseum into the dusty green hills. Because of its wooden shipbuilding and its welcoming of superyachts of all kinds, the setting is a favourite of tourists. It also attracts people due to its atmosphere and culture of relaxation.

The island is also renowned for its beaches, including Nos beach, which is closest to the centre, and Agios Georgios Dysalonas, renowned for its white sand and 300-metre-high cliff-backed vistas. Marathounda and Disalonas are other beaches that can only be reached by boat, but with only one road on the island, this is a place for people with sea legs.

Yacht Charter Symi

An important pilgrimage site and one of over one hundred monasteries scattered across the wooded hills, the Panorimitis Monastery is located on this path. To get there, you must climb 500 steps to the crumbling acropolis, which overlooks the island. Because little else has been disturbed, you may stroll the coastline and enjoy the private pleasures of a yacht rental vacation.

Symi's beaches are particularly alluring in the summer months since they are cool, given the island's southern location. Thanks to its proximity to Rhodes, you can get your fix on more developed coastlines, shopping, and resorts before retreating to the island's peace. The island isn't short on modern amenities, as the harbour has great dining establishments (flash-fried shrimp is the speciality). In addition to galleries and tavernas in town, there are theatre, cinema, dance, music, and art exhibitions during the annual Symi Festival, which runs from July to September.

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