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Yacht Charter Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean for a luxury yacht charter vacation. Ionian Islands yacht charter and gulet rental guide.

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The Ionian Isles are a group of islands in Greece where you can charter a yacht.

Ever since Odysseus, sailors and yachtsmen have been drawn to Greece's western shores. The mysterious ancient mystery that still draws seafarers to the Ionian islands is created by their distinct culture and cuisine, which has been shaped by the region's complex history and varied occupations. The Ionian Islands cling to Greece's 'green coast,' where golden sands are bordered by endless olive and citrus orchards, with impossibly turquoise seas in the background. The region's culture and cuisine are shaped by its diverse history and occupation, resulting in rich cuisine, architecture, music, and art.

Choosing to book a luxury yacht is a dream come true in Greece. After deciding whether to visit mainland Greece or one of its lovely islands, you may choose from a wide range of islands. The Dodecanese islands have a rich cultural heritage, the Cyclades islands have lovely towns, and the Sporades islands have gorgeous beaches, to name just a few. The Ionian islands are an exceptional option for those looking for the best food, the most interesting history, and the most variegated and dynamic scenery. You may choose from several itineraries when you cruise the Ionian islands by yacht. Tours are available to accommodate everyone's desires and interests, from local culture and history to water sports and fine dining to nightlife and shopping.

Yacht Charter Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean for a luxury yacht charter vacation. Thanks to their warm, gentle winds and close proximity to one another, guests can adopt a laid-back approach and enjoy a wonderful island-hopping experience. The Ionian Islands, which are located near mainland Greece, have each developed their own character from British and French cultures, as well as from their traditions, architecture, and ambience. The Ionian Islands have been a top yacht charter destination for decades because of their proximity to mainland Greece. From adrenaline-pumping activities to peaceful walks through ancient towns, the Ionian Islands offer a variety of opportunities for all visitors. You may find inspiration through hiking the dense forests, swimming in the deep water, or windsurfing on the pebbly coastline. During summer, the Ionian Islands are frequently popular for luxury yacht charters because they are less windy than the Aegean Islands.

Corfu, Ithaca, and Paxi, as well as Corfu and Kefalonia's many caves, beaches, and peaceful villages, are excellent locations to have lunch at a waterside taverna, followed by a swim at an isolated beach. To reach some of the most attractive bays, you'll need to come by yacht, as roads and footpaths don't lead there. Corfu Town is a must for culture aficionados who wish to see its Venetian forts. Lefkada's harbours welcome visitors warmly and feature traditional Greek tavernas with a view of turquoise water.

The Ionian islands have always lured sailors and yacht owners since the times of Odysseus. Ancient riddles and myths still draw seafarers to the shores of Greece. The region's rich culture and excellent local cuisine come from its layered history and diverse occupations, which have undoubtedly influenced the earth and people. The Ionian Islands are situated on the 'green coast' of Greece, where golden beaches are lined with endless olive and citrus orchards, and turquoise oceans gaze back at them.


Corfu İsland

The Ionian Islands lie to the north of Corfu, a gorgeous island bursting with hidden gems. Corfu's enthralling atmosphere can be felt by all who visit, whether they wander through olive groves or saunter through the lovely villages inland. Corfu Town, the islands' capital, is a favourite place for photograph-worthy harbours, picturesque anchorages, and picturesque town squares. Those interested in Greece's ancient past need not look beyond the capital in order to discover its remnants.


The Ionian Islands are a group of seven islands off the west coast of mainland Greece, and Cephalonia is the largest of them. Myrtos beach, on the island, is one of the most beautiful coves in the world. Visit Assos, a charming village nestled in the shadow of a ruined Venetian castle. Fiscardo, at the northern tip of Kefalonia, is the prettiest village of the island, with gorgeous Venetian-style houses lining a picturesque harbour. Tassia's Restaurant is the place to go for delicious fresh seafood.

Cephalonia is one of the most well-known Ionian Islands besides being the biggest. This island is a paradise for sun worshippers because of its plentiful hills and beautiful beaches. Fiskardo is a fascinating town with a rich history. It was the only town to survive the devastating earthquake that destroyed the islands, and its streets are brimming with history. Argostoli, the capital, is a melting pot of cultures. Venetian structures and verdent forests are found in this intriguing town.


Ithaca Island

Ithaca, a mountainous island in the Ionian Sea, is the birthplace of the legendary Odysseus. Afales Beach is a popular spot for swimming in the clear water and eating a picnic. Vathi, the capital, provides magnificent views of the harbour, and you should certainly pay a visit to Moni Taxiarchon, a historic Greek monastery.

Ithica, the charming and seductive island, is a small isle that copies an opulent charm and elegance. This is the Ionian Islands' diamond, and its size is made up for by its unparalleled opulence. There are cool cafes, stylish stores, and pleasant pubs here.


Inventive and colorful, Zakynthos is a magical island surrounded by azure waters and verdant greenery. With a lively social scene and an energizing nightlife, this island provides the ultimate in relaxation with dancing into the wee hours.

Enchanted by tales of ancient Greece, visitors return again and again to the idyllic Ionian Islands, which are situated in the Mediterranean Sea. On our website, you can find out about privately chartered luxury crewed Greece charter yachts if you'd like to go sailing on the Heptanese waters

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