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Yacht Charter Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik yacht charter offers you the best blue cruise experience with luxury gulet, motor yacht and sailing boats. Luxury boats for rent in Dubrovnik with the best prices.

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Dubrovnik Luxury Yacht Charter Guide

Croatia's stunning shorelines on the Adriatic Sea are getting more and more popular for luxury yacht charters. Hundreds of islands in the Adriatic Sea provide some of the most stunning blue cruise experiences in the world. Yacht charter Dubrovnik is the perfect way to explore this part of the world, whether it is discovering the hidden coves of the Eliphati islands or walking across the numerous uninhabited islands along the coast. Dubrovnik is one of Croatia's most enchanting locations and a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will be amazed by the sights when you reach the marina after cruising the streets of this port city, whose terracotta roofs contrast with olive groves and vineyards. UNESCO World Heritage sites include the city's fascinating history, excellent cuisine, and bustling nightlife. The discerning traveller will want to walk the city's limestone streets.

Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik

Yacht Charter Dubrovnik

On a yacht, Dubrovnik looks like a postcard image. Red clay roofs bake in the sun, water of pellucid turquoise blue reflects the sun, and Aleppo pine trees cover the slopes as the city frames the horizon. All these enthralling components have helped make the city a place that is truly unforgettable on a Mediterranean yacht excursion.

Dubrovnik’s central marina for superyachts, ACI marina, provides all of the latest amenities and can accommodate yachts up to 75m in length. Superyacht passengers are treated to a view of the city’s beauty as they approach the marina, which is tucked into a bend in a canal on the edge of the city. Palm trees line the canal, sheltered by a rugged, mountainous landscape.

Dubrovnik's cultural and historical significance is evident in the city's Medieval sea walls, winding limestone streets, and baroque architecture. Among the city's cultural highlights are Rector's Palace, one of the city's most prominent Gothic buildings, and Lovrijenac, a fortress that dominates a rocky promontory overlooking the sea. The citadel of Tvrđava Minčeta, a 14th-century fortress, looms over Dubrovnik at the city's highest point.

It's a shame if anyone visiting Dubrovnik doesn't sample Croatian wine. The Dalmatian wines are fruit-infused, light, and excellent, with cured meat, cheese, and fresh seafood. Fortunately, there are plenty of wine bars, casual bistros, and upscale fish eateries in Dubrovnik that will satisfy every palate.

The coast of Croatia offers breathtaking sailing opportunities, with a large number of small islands and ports to discover. Sailing south, Montenegro and Albania, which are adjacent nations, are often ignored, but they are great destinations.

Tourism in Croatia is not comprehensive without visiting a winery since the country has one of the highest wine consumption rates in the world. To experience something unique, take a trip to the Peljesac Peninsula to visit Edivo Vina - the country's first underwater winery. The wine is aged for years underwater, and the perfect silence improves its quality. For a dive beneath the waves or sampling on land, visit the bay's bottom, where you can still buy bottles covered in shells.

Luxury Yacht Charter Dubrovnik

If you're seeking the highest quality fine dining in Dubrovnik, you should check out 360°, which has excellent food and drink. Visit the Old Town's cobbled streets for excellent food, drinks, and nightlife. If you're looking for craft beer and late-night cocktails, visit Glam Café, or if you want a laidback vibe, head to Soul Cafe.

The cuisine of Dalmatia is based on excellent local products—olives and oil, garlic, herbs, and seafood. In particular, the Mal Ston oysters are renowned as the world's greatest and must be sampled. Reserve a table at Restaurant Dubrovnik for local cuisine in an attractive setting.

Throughout Dubrovnik, you can see the country's rich cultural history in the baroque structures, historic churches, old forts, and other sites. A UNESCO World Heritage site itself, the city is home to thousands of historical sites. The Cavtat Old Town, city walls, and Fort of St John are examples of Croatia's past, and Rector's Palace, which preserves the Museum of Dubrovnik's history, is a key location to visit.

The local Sveti Jakov beach is the best place to escape the crowds. Take a walk through the tree-lined streets to get to the seashore, where you can relax under the clear, blue waters amidst the rocky hills. The ambience is nice at night when the lowering sun imbues the sand with orange colours and lights up the old town.

Lokrum Island is coated with pine and cypress trees and sprinkled with ruins, and it was once believed to hold a curse placed on Napoleon.

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